The key to economic earthworks construction, is to plan and move material once according to an optimised mass earth moving diagram. No matter how big or small the project, planning and control cannot be neglected.

We believe in state of the art survey technology, effective excavation equipment and calculated compaction application. The above can only be attained with proper supervision and controlled accuracy and testing.

We further consider recycling, dust-control and limited water resources into account throughout the process.

We have successfully completed many challenging earthworks projects for example:

  • Restricted excavations such as Electricity House CBD, Kelderhof SSW and The Sanctuary SSW
  • Mass haul and compaction with very limited access and during extremely wet conditions, such as Mont Rochelle access Franchhoek, Noble Hill Paarl, RFG Simondium and Greystreet Welgemoed, Rickety Bridge Franchhoek.
  • Sensitive eco environments such as Mills Hemel & Aarde, Skulpiesbaai Stillbay and Montagu Springs.