There is no doubt that the recent droughts have drawn the awareness to proper construction of dams. A lot of surface water is lost to seepage and evaporation and proper channelling and storage can go a long way in procuring this scarce resource. A lot of farms and estates are on high laying areas, with the potential to salvage mountain run-off in various ways. Proper hydrological assessments in conjunction with expert geologists and engineers can result in effective water retention. We have come to appreciate the complexities of these constructions and the inroads made by technological materials and methods.

This field will keep growing as the need intensifies and the solutions become more exciting. We hope to keep abreast with developments and to keep procuring and participating in these contracts.

We have to date been part of the following exciting projects:

  • Kyburgh dam Stellenbosch, Mont Rochelle comprehensive Storm water drainage and outlet structures , Rhodes Food Group wastewater facility, Antonij Rupert wines waste water management